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Street Portraiture – the 100 Strangers Project, Part I

30 August 2015

On 21 March 2013 something happened that sent me down an important path in my life. It set me off on a journey to become what you could call a ‘proper’ photographer.

That day, I shot my first street portrait with the subject’s permission. It was part of the 100 Strangers project. On 15 July 2015, more than two years later, I took my 100th portrait, and I can honestly say this project has changed my life.

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Headshot for actress Marian Chaplin by Barbara Asboth

3 steps to better acting headshots & portraits

09 August 2015

Marian requested some studio headshots with a simple background first, followed by some casual environmental portraits outdoors.

The aim with acting profile photos is to showcase versatility and range of expressions, but it’s important to also stay as natural as possible – it’s a balance we need to get right so that casting directors can judge the actor’s versatility and their potential as a ‘blank canvas’, too.

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