Announcement: my book ‘Faces of Shoreditch’ is now available!

02 February 2017

I have some exciting news to share – my first book, Faces of Shoreditch, is now available to pre-order before its planned March 2017 release by Amberley Books.

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From the description:

Shoreditch, the inner-city district of central London, is one of our capital’s most well-known areas. Located within the London Borough of Hackney and part of the historic East End, it is steeped in heritage. Present-day Shoreditch is known for its multi-cultural community and its vibrant and creative culture. London-based photographer, Barbara Asboth, captures the essence of one of her favourite districts in the city by turning her camera on its inhabitants, the people who make the area what it is today.

Over the past year, most of my free time was dedicated to finding, meeting, and photographing people for this book, and it feels amazing to see it coming together. The style of photos in the book is a mix between my 100 Strangers street portraits, and more posed environmental shots. There’s a quote to go with each picture, ranging from offhand remarks to whole life stories, giving you a diverse insight into the ups and downs of this rapidly changing area.

And it’s not only people in hats – the theme below is just for a bit of fun 😉

Sample images:

lee mandy wesleynas

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If you’ve bought it already, thank you, and I hope you will enjoy browsing each page as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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