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Announcement: my book ‘Faces of Shoreditch’ is now available!

02 February 2017

I have some exciting news to share – my first book, Faces of Shoreditch, is now available to order from Amberley Books.

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Shoreditch, the inner-city district of central London, is one of our capital’s most well-known areas. Located within the London Borough of Hackney and part of the historic East End, it is steeped in heritage. Present-day Shoreditch is known for its multi-cultural community and its vibrant and creative culture. London-based photographer, Barbara Asboth, captures the essence of one of her favourite districts in the city by turning her camera on its inhabitants, the people who make the area what it is today.

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Step by step editing of a natural light street portrait

10 August 2016

Over the course of my second round in the 100 Strangers project, I’ve been meaning to be bolder and try new things. This post shows an example of me trying a slightly different style from my usual bright, light, vibrant portraits for this project. It was a slightly overcast day with amazing light in Soho. […]

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A slightly improvised baby photography session

13 March 2016

Meet Panka, my super cute niece!

I got to see and hold her for the first time recently, as she and her parents live overseas, and she was born a little early too, meaning she had to spend some time in hospital. You wouldn’t know though – she’s hitting milestones as normal, and is now a nice healthy weight, including squishy cheeks and chubby legs. Due to scheduling constraints I just snapped some photos as things happened, nothing like a ‘proper’ session but we got some good photos, because, well, Panka is just adorable isn’t she!

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Street Portraiture – the 100 Strangers Project, Part II

27 September 2015

This post is for photographers interested in reading about the process of taking street portraits, and how to get the best possible results in-camera and using Photoshop. I’m going to review some of my own images and point out things that went wrong and how they could be fixed. You’ll be able to apply those learnings to your own photos as well.

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Street Portraiture – the 100 Strangers Project, Part I

30 August 2015

On 21 March 2013 something happened that sent me down an important path in my life. It set me off on a journey to become what you could call a ‘proper’ photographer.

That day, I shot my first street portrait with the subject’s permission. It was part of the 100 Strangers project. On 15 July 2015, more than two years later, I took my 100th portrait, and I can honestly say this project has changed my life.

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Portrait & boudoir shoot with Alex

07 July 2015

Every woman has it in her to look sexy and beautiful, no matter what shape or size, and a good photographer CAN bring this out of anyone! Being happy with our bodies and appearance isn’t something we should downplay as women; instead, we need to celebrate our inner confidence.

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