Fine Art Portraits in Banbury, Oxfordshire

With painterly and cinematic influences, these portraits are designed to be printed and proudly displayed for maximum impact.
Each session is planned carefully with mood boards, styling and props to create unique images for your home.

Inspired mostly by the Old Masters and the Renaissance, with an emphasis on a painterly mood, I will create a bespoke session for you or your child. This is a great opportunity to play dress-up, and experience being a character from the past. I also work with a local florist to create flower crowns or posies for you to take home after the shoot!

I have a small studio wardrobe for your use, with tops and dresses from child to adult sizes, plus a range of accessories, so don’t worry about that – it can be a fun game of dress-up for little girls in particular! I can also help choosing new items if you’d like to buy your own but aren’t sure where from.

It’s best if your child is around 5-6 years old for them to be able to take direction and remain cooperative for these kind of carefully crafted photos. However, we can try with any aged child, if they are calm and enjoy being in front of the camera – you know them best!

Ideally I will load the images onto my laptop right after our shoot, and we can sit down for you to review and choose your favourites right away. This way I can go home and edit your picks as soon as possible!

If we don’t have time for you to review straight away, then we’ll schedule a separate review appointment for you to do this.

Usually there’s a 2-5 day turnaround for smaller projects, and 1-2 weeks for larger projects. I’ll give you a better estimate of what to expect once we go over your shoot plans.

I always love to hear your ideas about the style and poses you want. I’ll even ask you to send me examples for a mood board, so yes! However, every client’s vibe and location is different. Within reason I will work with you to create photos inspired by what you show me, while in keeping with my own style that you’re hiring me for!

The standard license includes unlimited commercial use to promote your specific business, if named in the contract for business photos, plus your own personal use for all shoots. If you’d like to re-sell the images or use them for another purpose, please ask and we can negotiate an extended commercial license.

I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance through PolicyBee/Hiscox (policy no. 14791356). I carry backup equipment with me so that if something breaks or malfunctions, I can continue working with minimal interruption to coverage. I shoot on dual memory cards, too, so if one becomes corrupted I have a full backup on the other card by default so your images aren’t lost.

Creating beautiful art for your home, to celebrate your family.