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About my approach

Barbara Asboth

When was the last time you had a beautiful portrait taken of you, one that makes you feel amazing about yourself? Something that's natural and real, but still shows you in the best possible light? Something your parents, partner and children will cherish for decades when they look at it?

A timeless portrait is an investment in both yourself (because you deserve it!) and your loved ones. I love to get to know my clients as well as possible before a shoot to establish the connection that will allow me to capture them at their most beautiful.

I do the same for my wedding clients. I make sure we have a chat even before they decide to book me, to find out about their background, what they do, what they like... because it's so important to click with your photographer on your wedding day! You'll be glowing with happiness and I just love capturing that, but it's even better when you are relaxed around me!

I'd love to hear about how I could photograph you, whether it's a dedicated portrait session or your wedding - just send me a message with a few details about you, and we'll take it from there. :)

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