Mature Couple Cotswolds Church Wedding Photography

On this rainy day in Duns Tew on the edge of the Cotswolds, this lovely older couple got married at the church of St Mary Magdalene, at last after 20+ years together! I was so honoured to be part of their special day, which was very relaxed and full of love and laughter. Witnessing later in life marriage is really special for me, because it proves that love definitely hasn’t got any age limit, and older couples seem to be able to focus less on the formalities and more on the things that truly matter, like spending time with each other and friends, chatting over a nice meal, and just chilling out in general instead of a packed wedding day schedule. So as a photographer it makes for great candid moments that my couples always love to see in their albums!

“We are absolutely thrilled that you have captured the day with a perfect mixture of candid and formal shots.”

– Sue & Paul

The vicar of this church, the Reverend Jane, was the most fantastic I’ve ever worked with, absolutely a photographer’s dream. Accommodating and relaxed, and willing to work with me and the couple to work around the tight space and restrictions on where I could move during the service while still respecting the occasion. Some churches have very strict vicars so it’s worth checking before you book yours, to ensure your photographer is allowed to move around a bit to get good photos from different angles.

The bride walked to the church in the rain, but full of smiles, and there were even some tears during the ceremony. The rain luckily cleared as we exited the church, and we did some relaxed group and couple photos right there. One of the most emotional details to capture was the bride’s horseshoe accessory on her bouquet, as a tribute to her mum who is buried in the same churchyard.

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