Relaxed lifestyle branding photo shoot for a business and life coach – Banbury and Cotswolds branding photographer

Lisa, an experienced business coach, career coach and life coach, runs Growth Time in the Banbury and Cotswolds area. With an extensive knowledge of mental health as well as the corporate world, Lisa is truly a fantastic presence and was a delight to work with! We took cosy and casual photos for Lisa’s website and social media use, which we’d planned to tie in with the colours of her brand which are mainly grey and blush pink.

Lisa chose to upgrade her image collection to include all her favourites, of which there were over 50! This is an option for those who just want to get all the images without needing to narrow them down, and this way you have variety available for many, many social posts to come.

In this world of online contact, the human aspect of who’s behind a business is more important than ever. Elevate your online presence with professional photos that reflect the goals of your brand while keeping the essence of you as a person, too. I can help you with your Banbury and Cotswolds branding photography needs, just check out the form below.

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