Extended family vacation reunion photography in Bloxham on the edge of the Cotswolds

A family reunion photographed in the Cotswolds

“Barbara gave my mom the gift of wonderful family photos to commemorate her 70th birthday trip to the UK with her kids and grandkids. She beautifully captured both our family and the charm of the photoshoot location. Meetings ahead of our shoot helped to ensure she captured all the most important shots – not an easy feat with 11 family members.”

– Beth

Beth and most of her family live in the US, and she contacted me because they were planning to have a family reunion for her mum’s 70th birthday in the Cotswolds. They rented a big cottage in Bloxham for a week, and Beth’s sister’s family, who live in the UK now, also joined them for the celebrations. The photo shoot was the sisters’ joint gift to their mum on her birthday, and so photos with her and the grandchildren were a big focus too. They were very keen to capture the lovely garden and the cottage from the outside as well, so we made sure to get lots of angles of that, and a mix of formal and casual family groups.

Of course, we took care to plan and coordinate their outfits to ensure everything worked really well visually. The Cotswolds stone and country aesthetic of the location meant that everyone wore subtle, natural colours to complement the honey-coloured stone and greenery in the garden.

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