Headshot and interior photography for Koru Kids & Little Wild Childcare Co, a Banbury Montessori style childminder and home nursery provider

As a Banbury photographer I love working with local businesses, so when I was contacted by childcare agency Koru Kids, to photograph the interior of Issy’s Montessori style, natural material-filled home nursery near Banbury town centre, I was delighted to be able to help. Interior photography is something I have more recently branched out into and I very much enjoy helping style spaces and make them camera ready. Styling your interior to reflect your brand is just as important as styling yourself, if you’re going to be using the photos for marketing.

Issy herself has many years of experience working in early years childcare, so it’s no wonder she really knows how to set up a space to be inspiring and calming at the same time for the little ones.

The requirements were for all photos to be landscape format, to work with the website design of the agency. We also needed a simple, natural profile photo of Issy that showed her in the home environment, with toys in the background.

How to choose an interior photographer?

There are two types of photographers who can take interior photos for you: the first type just turns up and photographs whatever is there. The second type will examine the space first, potentially move things around, and clean up bits and pieces where necessary, all in order to make your interior look the most inviting it possibly can. I am of course the second as my goal is to get you shots that show the space looking its absolute best! Be aware also that interior photography requires different techniques and equipment than, for example, portraiture, so make sure that if you book someone for interior photography, they have some knowledge of styling a space and have the right tools for the job.

In this world of online contact, the human aspect of who’s behind a business is more important than ever. Elevate your online presence with professional photos that reflect the goals of your brand while keeping the essence of you as a person, too. I can help you with your Banbury and Cotswolds interior photography and branding photography needs, just check out the form below.

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