Upbeat and relaxed lifestyle branding photo shoot for a Banbury based mindset mentor and coach for mums – Cotswolds branding photographer

Emma from Flourishing Mamas Co needed warm, friendly, upbeat and aspirational lifestyle photos for her mindset mentoring business. Emma helps mums navigate their mindset’s murky waters after baby loss in particular. We had a styling and location planning meeting at her home where we eventually took the pictures – this is very useful because we could discuss where we’d be shooting exactly and what props and decor she could prepare for the shoot to get the best possible photos that she had in mind. We ended up with a wide range for social media and website, versatile enough for her to use in many different ways, with or without text or other elements in a design, or as a profile photo.

Here’s a small selection of Emma’s images.

In this world of online contact, the human aspect of who’s behind a business is more important than ever. Elevate your online presence with professional photos that reflect the goals of your brand while keeping the essence of you as a person, too. I can help you with your Banbury and Cotswolds branding photography needs, just check out the form below.

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