Large family reunion photography in the Cotswolds near Banbury – Cotswolds Family Photographer

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This lovely extended family shoot with members aged 1 to 80 years old, had people from three different countries come together to celebrate Grandma L’s 80th birthday. An important goal was to get two large group photos for her wall, as well as relaxed shots of smaller individual families together (well, small is relative of course – one family had 7 children). At this quiet country house location near Banbury, just on the edge of the Cotswolds, we coordinated over 20 people and children’s naptimes to get these photos just before a huge downpour!

Notice how well this whole family coordinated their outfits! Everyone is wearing reasonably neutral colours, with no large logos or distracting patterns on their clothes. This makes sure that, especially in the large group photos, nobody stands out more than anyone else, and this helps create a harmonious, balanced photo. Never underestimate the importance of what to wear for your family photo shoot.

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