2022 Year in Review: From the #UNFILTERED Portrait Project to TEDx Banbury and Beyond

Barbara Asboth Photography 2022 Year in Review Collage

Highlights include a collaboration with Fujifilm, being a judge at the Focus On Photography 2022 exhibition, and volunteering.

It’s been a busy year for me as a photographer, with a lot of exciting projects. Thank you to all my clients and collaborators for working with me in 2022. It’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse and talented group of people, and I am grateful for your support and your trust in my work. I am looking forward to continuing to create beautiful and meaningful images with you in the future, too.

Project #UNFILTERED: Exploring the Impact of Social Media and Filters on Young Women’s Self-Image

One of the highlights of the year has definitely been delivering the #UNFILTERED portrait project, which explores the effects of social media and filters on young women’s self-image. This project was all about capturing unretouched, authentic portraits of young women and examining the ways in which social media and the use of filters can impact their sense of self and their self-image. It was a really interesting and thought-provoking project to work on, and I was really proud of the final images, interviews, and the messages that they conveyed. It was also very rewarding to see the project featured in the latest issue of Digital Photographer Magazine, as it gave me the chance to share my work with a wider audience and spark important conversations about the role of social media in our lives.

Behind the scenes of the UNFILTERED portrait project by Barbara Asboth

Collaborations and Opportunities: From BBC Radio Oxford to the Focus On Photography 2022 Exhibition

In addition to working on client projects, I’ve also had the chance to collaborate with some amazing organizations and individuals. For example, I was interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford by Sophie Law to talk about street portraits in Banbury, which was a great opportunity to share this concept with a wider, but still local, audience. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be asked to judge the Focus On Photography 2022 exhibition at the Heseltine Gallery, alongside photographers Roddy Lloyd-Jones and Nat Coalson. This was a really interesting experience, and it was great to see all the incredible work that was submitted both in the adult and youth categories.

Atlas of Humanity Book: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

One of the other highlights of the year for me has been having one of my photos selected for publication in the “Atlas of Humanity” book curated by Martin Vegas. This photo, which features a young woman’s portrait from the streets of Soho in London, was chosen from thousands of submissions to be included in this prestigious collection of images. It’s a great honour to have my work recognised in this way, and I’m really proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to this incredible project. The “Atlas of Humanity” book is now available for ordering online, and I would encourage anyone with an interest in photography to check it out. It’s a truly stunning collection of images that celebrates the diversity and beauty of humanity.

Capturing Inspiring Moments: TEDx Banbury and International Women’s Day Banbury

One of the other highlights of the year has been the opportunity to photograph the TEDx Banbury event at The Mill Arts Centre. This was a really inspiring event on the topic of Synergy, and it was great to be able to capture the powerful personalities of each speaker (and the opening performance of Banbury-born musician Isaac Stuart) that really captured the spirit of the event.

In addition to this, I also had the chance to work with the amazing International Women’s Day Banbury team to photograph their Female Founders Fair, which was a really exciting opportunity to meet various local ladies of many talents, some of whom I’m still in touch with to this day.

International Women's Day 2022 Banbury - Female Founders Fair at The Mill

Sharing Knowledge and Experience: A-Level Portrait Photography Workshop and Remember My Baby Photography

Finally, I was really pleased to have been able to return to Chenderit School for the second year running to deliver a workshop on portrait photography to their A-Level students. It’s always great to be able to pass on some of my knowledge and experience to the next generation of photographers, and I hope that this workshop helped inspire and encourage the students to pursue their passions. In addition to this, I’ve also become a volunteer Remember My Baby photographer helping to capture special memories for families experiencing the loss of a child. It’s an important and rewarding role, and I’m looking forward to making a difference in this way.

Street Portraits & Faces of Banbury: Capturing Everyday People in Banbury and Beyond

While I’ve been busy with a variety of projects this year, I’ve also continued to take street portraits around Banbury and beyond, and some pre-arranged shoots with local characters I find intriguing (even if I don’t know them personally), albeit more rarely. I’ve been fortunate enough to capture some really honest images of several interesting characters I’ve met during my life out and about, and I have a selection of these images that is yet to be published so stay tuned on socials. Street portraiture is a passion of mine, and it’s always a slight thrill to spot beauty and uniqueness in everyday people during everyday life.

Looking Forward: Prioritising Mental Health and Family Wellbeing in the Coming Year

It’s been an amazing year, but I’m also looking forward to taking some time to focus on my mental health and my family’s wellbeing. Due to a big change in my family circumstances, I will be taking on fewer client bookings in the coming months so that I can prioritise my own wellbeing and that of my loved ones. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that came my way in 2022, and I’m excited to see what the future holds despite the reduction in workload.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my work throughout the year – here’s to a healthy and happy 2023!

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