Woodland civil partnership ceremony photography at Evenley Wood Garden, Northamptonshire

Candid, natural documentary CIVIL CEREMONY aND wedding photography in NORTHAMPTONSHIRE

L + J are both classical musicians, and they knew they wanted a celebration that was bespoke to them, incorporating elements of music and nature.

Their chosen venue for their civil partnership ceremony was the beautiful Evenley Wood Garden, near the village of Evenley in Northamptonshire. This privately owned, secluded woodland has lots of opportunities for exploration, games, quiet chats and contemplation, and of course photos; it also has a large tipi and fire pit area for the reception and dancing.

The ceremony itself had L and J walk in together, on opposite sides of the seats, to meet in the middle again, to represent the circular and reciprocal aspect of life. The celebrant was their close friend, the music, songs and readings were performed by other close friends, and in the end each guest could add a ribbon they brough with them to a branch that L+J would then take home to keep; each ribbon to represent a wish from that guest to support their union. Each guest then walked out under the branch, with the couple leaving the ceremony last, again to have that circularity.

The weather was very dark before the ceremony, and during it we had a little rain too, but just as it finished, the skies cleared and the rest of the afternoon was bright and clear!

There was homemade cake for the guests, lots of games dotted around the woodland for them to play, and then a trumpet fanfare inviting everyone for dinner. As dusk fell, the fire pits inside and outside the tipi kept the guests warm, and there was even some marshmallow toasting inside. The evening ended with dancing, a fish and chip van, and more dancing… it was a truly relaxed, nature-inspired ceremony. I hope it inspires those of you who aren’t sure about doing the ‘done things’ – it is possible to mark your union in front of your loved ones in any way you wish, it is your day after all!


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